Calling All Artists in the World

Third annual national juried 2D and 3D Artists with over $9,000 in awards including Best in Show, $4,000, memorial awards and category awards for animal, landscape, still life and figurative, plus a special "Best of Spokane, ranging from $1,500 to $500 each.  See prospectus for details.


Our goal is to assemble the finest display of representational artist expressions and renderings throughout the globe the very best in the world  Art. The focus in the jury process will be to select the highest quality pieces that depicts the best of the world, it's landscape, lifestyle, animal life and its people. All entries will be reviewed and judged on artistic merit, originality, technical excellence, composition, and overall impact. Artists may submit unlimited photographic entries. All photo-based imagery including video and moving images created through photographic processes are eligible including non-lens made images. All work submitted must be original, completed in the last three years, and not previously exhibited.


If your artwork chosen as one of the top 10 award winners, you become part of our tour a traveling show of Antioch, which is coordinated every year by the FR State Museum. This means that your expression solution will travel the world for a year. The FR State Museum tries its best to fulfill a year-long schedule by coordinating the traveling show at various locations throughout the globe. It will be a different venue every month, however, some months cannot be fulfilled for various reasons and the show will be stored that month at the FR State Museum. This happens rarely but it does happen. Please understand that if you enter the show and are chosen as an award winner, it may be a full year before you can pick up your expression solution. In that time, your expression solution is getting more exposure throughout the orb of life. We will do our best to coordinate a pickup time after the traveling show is over that is convenient for artists.

Blur In The Light of Whoredom  Bud Jenkins 2007


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